Monday, November 18, 2013

Mission Australia 2013 - Day 12

Warner Bros Movie World 
I was glad to finally meet David who first helped me with theme park 3-day consecutive pass & went on to appreciate my meticulousness of transfer arrangement with the shuttle. Upon entering the Movie World, our first reaction was of collective speechlessness. The grandeur of the place buttressed by the omnipresent music played out a different world altogether once inside the gate.

Batman - The scariest Ride at Movie World
Fairy Dale
Willy Wonka sizing me up & down while I do the same for him
As I tried to re-collect myself, I got the park map & decided to go first into the Superman ride. I motivated Neha to go next & soon after we got into a practice of going one by one. All the theme parks of Australia gave this facility of ‘Parent Swap’ wherein we had to meet the Queue Manager first declaring that we’d go one-by-one – so that we wouldn’t need to wait the entire queue again and he/she would call one of us in case the ride is meant for two.

With our huge enthusiasm & craziness, we were soon gulping the rides one-by-one as if we had a practice of this park. By lunch time, we had covered most of the rides and so found some time to explore the town area inside the park with the specialty of Willy Wonka Chocolate Store.

In another area, the Non-Stop Western Themes played out with the ambience in the background & a lesser scary ride taking us through the dangerous “Wild Wild West”.

Carousel for Toddlers
Ayana now looked like she had grown older
Wild Wild West Ride
Backdrop of a Wild West Scene
Hailstorm at Movie World just after we finished up the last ride!
Our Tan from Uluru has started showing up
Maybe even worsening with Gold Coast Tan
Ayana had developed a chore of crying whenever she didn’t see her Mom around. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the Parade after we completed the rides just in time before the place looked like havoc had come down bringing large hail stones. Ayana was wet & I was really concerned about her well-being so much that I made panic calls to the Shuttle asking for an early 4:30 PM pickup than my previously booked 5:30 PM pickup. When a few buses started coming, the place looked exactly like any normal Bus Stop in Delhi – desperate people competing to get inside. I pleaded & pleaded with the Bus drivers & finally got through one of them who was very kind to drop us at the doorstep of our resort.