Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mission Australia 2013 - Day 18

Melbourne – Hong Kong – Delhi 

The Budget attendant must have decided not to disturb us because when I woke up at 7 AM, he was busy collecting other cars yet he nodded at me to acknowledge my presence. Completing the return process, we hauled up our luggage for the last leg of our trip, using one of the rest rooms for the chores. Truly admitting, I was tired with so much traveling & flying, all I wanted now to just get home & sleep in my own bed – still I couldn’t help but start missing the wonderful country I was about to say goodbye.

Melbourne International
Aboard QF29
Grabbing some shots of my darlings with the aircrafts in the hangar from the boarding lounge, I gathered myself on a somber note bidding farewell to Australia.

This return journey was not even half comfortable. We didn’t get the window seats & it was all a hustle. Transfer at Hong Kong was smooth – the architecture is really practical & in many ways that I found, superior to Changi. The waiting lounge at HKIA for Cathay Pacific, as expectedly, was full of Indians – making the experience for Neha similar to that of the flight from KUL – DEL while returning from Bali.

The CX-697 Flight to Delhi was a relief in only & only one way – Food. Except that – Nothing. Zilch. I know how Indians are even when they are flying abroad. Or should I say especially when they are flying abroad.